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It's Time to Heal.

Holistic Health Coaching to Help Survivors Thrive
We are a non-profit organization helping Arizona heal from sexual abuse.

Discover Joy

Find Confidence

Feel Alive

Untreated Trauma can

Cause a Cycle of

Trouble sleeping

Stomach issues

Physical exhaustion

Mood swings

Low quality connections with self and others

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The Challenge of Reaching Out

Whether you’re just starting out on your healing journey or you are further along, we understand that there are layers of uncertainty. That’s why we make it our mission to create a healing foundation for you. A place to explore, feel respected, and understand that healing may be the most difficult and yet rewarding journey you take.

Finally Make Progress with Your

Together at the Top






20+ years in denial of childhood sexual abuse had its effects both mind and body. Friendships and relationships were difficult, I was thousands in debt, I found myself in the emergency room two times, substance abuse became a common ground with those around me, I was lost in disassociation, I did not trust romantic relationships, and I had no focus on education. I felt so disconnected from others and anxious about whatever and whomever was around me. I felt alone in this vicious cycle.
At 19 years old, I began talk therapy only to manage the symptoms. I was scared of the one thing that would heal me: addressing the abuse. I spent so much of my life in denial, afraid that saying what happened out loud would lead to even more shame and being abandoned by those closest to me. I didn't feel enough strong and diversified support to open up...


The Program


Schedule your Assessment.
Choose a time for your one-hour assessment. In this meeting, we use the healing tools advised by your therapist or we create new ones, implementing them into a plan.


Get the Support You Need.

Schedule a weekly recurring time and day to meet with your health coach. For three months and at no cost, you will have accountability for your growing healthy habits. Along with these coaching sessions, regular appointments with a therapist is required.


Learn to Thrive.

During your three-month term, you will have full support. Our mission is to give you enough confidence to thrive on your own, leaving surviving in the past.


Schedule Your Assessment

This initial and confidential one hour meeting will launch your healing journey at Bloomellous. We will speak about your current lifestyle, where you want to go, and the plan on how to get there.

Ready to start?

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