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Wild Flowers


Dancer in Sunset

"I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Chloe recently to dig through past issues and to find a great path towards healing and moving forward. The process was incredible, she provided so much insight that had never occurred to me before and gave me a new angle on how to approach and heal my trauma. She's an extremely attentive and caring person with a great approach to almost every situation. I highly recommend her guidance. Know that with her you are getting someone who truly cares and wants the absolute best for you."

-Anonymous Thriver

Mountain climber silhouette

"I have had a recent coaching experience with Chloe that was extremely powerful and helped me clear decades of pain in my body. Her approach was very perceptive, gentle, and affirming, and the results have been incredible. She quickly attuned to my energy and distress, and empathetically guided me through an intense episode of physical and emotional distress with both her soothing voice and a song she sang to settle all of the energy and distress I was experiencing and releasing. I have been engaged in deep inner healing and evolution for over two decades, and this is one of the very most powerful and beneficial sessions I have ever had. She's a beautiful human being with great gifts. I feel blessed at having discovered her and worked with her. I highly recommend her gifted service."


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