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Our Mission

20+ years in denial of childhood sexual abuse had its effects both mind and body. Friendships and relationships were difficult, I was thousands in debt, I found myself in the emergency room two times, substance abuse became a common ground with those around me, I was lost in disassociation, I did not trust romantic relationships, and I had no focus on education. I felt so disconnected from others and anxious about whatever and whomever was around me. I felt alone in this vicious cycle.
At 19 years old, I began talk therapy only to manage the symptoms. I was scared of the one thing that would heal me: addressing the abuse. I spent so much of my life in denial, afraid that saying what happened out loud would lead to even more shame and being abandoned by those closest to me. I didn't feel enough strong and diversified support to open up...

Years later, my fourth therapist challenged my perspective. I started to believe in a life outside of the darkness. She encouraged me to travel, exercise, eat well, and take responsibility of my healing. But even with her guidance on a happy and healthy lifestyle, I struggled to stay consistent, and it felt like I wasn't making progress.

I realized how important healthy habits were, but I needed more support. And paying for therapy was already a challenge. How much more money could I spend on healing? How much more time could I survive not being healed?

Eventually, I diversified my support and started to feel whole, alive, and confident for the first time. I found that by surrounding oneself with accepting and supportive people, one can thrive in any area of life.

This is how Bloomellous began: with a mission to make sure every survivor gets access to the full support they need, regardless of their financial resources, in order to live to the fullest. That's why we partnered with a network of therapists offering no-cost counseling and created a free, 3-month coaching program providing additional support beyond the tools learned in therapy. No matter your age, background, race, gender, ethnicity, or religion, we believe everyone deserves a happy, healthy life - free from the darkness of unresolved trauma.

So if you agree that it's time to heal, and you're ready to commit to healthier habits and a healthier life - schedule a free assessment. We'll solve the roadblocks to your healing and make sure you get the support you need to make lasting progress. 

To Your Bright Future,
Chloe Bethune
Executive Director and Certified Health Coach

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